Listen to what some of our customers have to say about ezLocator.

Here’s what our customers are saying about ezLocator:

  • Crazy Good!

    Merion is a walking course. There are no yardage markers and range finders aren’t allowed. We do it the old fashioned way. Just go play golf. That means players have to rely on caddies, who had no pin sheets, for their numbers. And without a definitive location to work with, that meant a lot of educated guesstimates. Scott Nye, our head golf professional, was under so much pressure, to figure out a way to get it done. When we looked at ezLocator, it sounded too good to be true, honestly. But when we started using it, it was crazy good. We’ve even helped Jon Schultz do a few things to improve it, with our input. Ironically, we’ve found a few pins we really didn’t know we had.  Bottom line, it’s user-friendly and we trust it. We can control so much more now. Everyone loves it.

    Crazy Good!
    Matt Shaffer
    Director of Golf Course Operations, Merion Golf Club
  • New Holes After 100 Years

    Our greens are over 100 years old.  With ezLocator we are using hole locations we didn’t know existed.

    New Holes After 100 Years
    John Gosselin
    Superintendent, Aronimink Golf Club
  • ezLocator Makes Hosting Professional Tournaments Easy

    ezLocator made hosting the NCAA women’s regional tournament in May 2013 and the United States Women’s Public Links in June 2013 a lot easier.  It allowed me to isolate and protect certain areas of the green in advance where the NCAA and the USGA wanted to place pins.”  We even used ezLocator to help choose the pins for Women’s Public Links Championship!

    ezLocator Makes Hosting Professional Tournaments Easy
    Eddie Roach
    Superintendent, Jimmie Austen Golf Club
  • Never Seen Anything Like This

    Using the ezLocator tournament-quality pin sheets made an impressive presentation for our members who had never seen anything like this before.  It’s a way to provide high-end service and separates us from the other clubs in the area.

    Never Seen Anything Like This
    Kevin Muldoon
    Head Golf Professional, Country Club of York
  • Streamlines Communications

    It streamlines communications with the golf shop.  We are able to provide timely and professional looking pin sheets showing: the shape of a green, and the exact location of the pin with measurements from the center as well as the front and side.

    Streamlines Communications
    Bobby Stringer
    Superintendent, Austin Country Club
  • Reduced Time Spent on Pin Placements

    It’s definitely a worthwhile tool and has certainly made my job and the cup cutter’s job much easier at the Club at Las Campanas.  In addition, we have decreased the personnel time spent on pin placements by about 40 per cent and have reallocated that to other projects.

    Reduced Time Spent on Pin Placements
    Tom Egelhoff
    Superintendent, The Club at Las Campanas
  • Preplan Championship Hole Locations

    With ezLocator’s “Special Events” feature, we are able to preplan in advance the hole locations for our Club Championship.  We did not have a single complaint about hole locations after hosting 144 players for our club championship.  This, in of itself, is amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever run an event that someone didn’t say something about a hole location.

    Preplan Championship Hole Locations
    Greg Bryan
    Head Golf Professional, Roaring Forks Club
  • An Enhancement

    One of the best enhancements to the club.

    An Enhancement
    Rob Addington
    Executive Director, Texas Golf Association
  • Nothing Like it On the Market

    There’s nothing like it on the market.  ezLocator has streamlined and simplified the hole location process at the Dallas Athletic Club. It enables our crew to quickly set daily hole locations with minimal supervision. It’s one of the best tools we have in our department.

    Nothing Like it On the Market
    Kevin Nettles
    Superintendent, Dallas Athletic Club
  • Membership Enjoys New Pin Locations

    From day one, the membership has really enjoyed the new pin locations.  They keep expressing to me, it’s like playing a different course.

    Membership Enjoys New Pin Locations
    Kevin Pryseski
    Superintendent, Marin Country Club
  • New Locations

    We’re a golf only club and our members are astute golfers who appreciate knowing exactly where the holes are located.   With ezLocator, we found a lot of new locations. Many members have told me it’s like playing a new course.

    New Locations
    Matt Morrow
    Superintendent, Manasquan River Country Club
  • Flexibility and Variety

    This program allows flexibility and variety for our pin locations.  In the past the red, white, and blue system had been used. Now our golfers are provided a “tour quality” pin sheet.  Some members even download the ezLocator ePinsheet app for their iPhone and Android smart phones. It insures a pleasant golf experience for our members and guests on a daily basis.

    Flexibility and Variety
    Chad Kurmel
    Director of Golf, Boca Grove
  • Control Over the Green

    ezLocator offers more control over the entire hole location and green management process.

    Control Over the Green
    Steve Jotzat
    Superintendent, Lost Dunes Golf Club
  • Everyone Loves ezLocator

    The golfers love it. The superintendent loves it. Our regulars are saying that they see locations they’ve never seen before, declaring it’s like playing a new course each time. We already see that it has helped with pace of play.  We don’t want six-hour rounds.

    Everyone Loves ezLocator
    Buddy Reed
    Owner, Back Creek Golf Club
  • Members Brag on Our Course

    Our members love to brag about our course and they consistently offer positive comments such as “I have never seen the pin in that location before!

    Members Brag on Our Course
    Cameron Doan
    Preston Trail Golf Club, Head Golf Professional
  • Loyal Members Approve

    ezLocator is a great PR tool for superintendents to interact with the golfers at their club, especially the ones who might complain about hole locations.  I now can explain pin placements with members on a one-to-one basis.  Now they’re asking and learning how they are chosen and why they are chosen. I have golfers telling me they have played golf here for 50+ years and having never seen the holes in these unique locations.  It gives them the opportunity to play a different challenging golf course every day.

    Loyal Members Approve
    Chip Lafferty
    Chip Lafferty, Rye Golf Club
  • A More Enjoyable Golfing Experience

    Many club members have commented that since implementing the ezLocator system, the improved variety in daily hole locations has provided a more enjoyable golfing experience at Priddis Greens.

    A More Enjoyable Golfing Experience
    James Beebe
    James Beebe, Superintendent, Priddis Greens
  • Pins in Places Never Used Before

    TPC Sawgrass members playing the Stadium Course are seeing the pins in places never used before because ezLocator is able to identify all of the areas of the green where a pin can be located for fair play.  We are also able to protect areas of the green to allow the grass time to heal which results in a healthier and better looking green.

    Pins in Places Never Used Before
    Tom Vlach
    Director of Agronomy, TPC Sawgrass
  • Easily Set Hole Locations

    ezLocator has streamlined the hole location process for us. Our Superintendent can easily set daily hole locations with a simple click of the mouse.

    Easily Set Hole Locations
    David Denley
    General Manager, Dallas National Golf Club
  • Quick and Easy

    ezLocator definitely has streamlined our operations.  It’s quick and easy and frees up our staff to do other things. It does a great job of diversifying our hole locations, spreading them out and creating new ones. When our green speeds get over 10 or 11, we can identify places we can’t use and pinpoint pins that are fair and fun for our members.

    Quick and Easy
    Brandon Goodyk
    Superintendent, Vaquero