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What Will ezLocator Do For Me?

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    Created by a Golfer for Golfers

    ezLocator is dedicated to providing golfers with a tournament quality experience every day. Our patent-pending software creates a wider variety in pin placement and provides tour quality pin sheets for players. By creating a smarter, more dynamic method of selecting hole locations and collecting information for players, ezLocator has redefined the standard of quality golf. Play golf on any course using ezLocator and you will notice the ezLocator difference:

    1. Play like a pro with tour quality and fully customizable pin sheets showing the shape and size of the green and location of the pin
    2. Learn from the detailed information about every pin location and green to improve your game and prepare for your next shot
    3. Experience the challenge and excitement of a new course every day with greater variety of pin placements.
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    Boost Productivity and Professionalism

    ezLocator was designed with club management in mind. By automating the pin-placement process and consolidating course information onto one easy to use interface, ezLocator improves communications, boosts the club’s image, and reduces management costs. All golf and green staff members will benefit from ezLocator’s collaborative design, which allows management and staff to refer back to the same database of agronomy conditions, hole locations and schedules, making for easy course set up and tournament play. Most importantly, ezLocator creates a new course every day for your members to enjoy. With ezLocator, you can:

    1. Boost your club’s image
    2. Improve productivity
    3. Reduce maintenance costs
    4. Streamline communication between golf course and golf shop staff
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    Automatic Pin Placement & Planning

    With ezLocator, the need for manual hole-placement systems is a thing of the past. Rather than requiring superintendents to catalog hole placements by hand and remember past hole sequences, ezLocator tracks the history of all hole locations for all greens automatically to your specific needs. ezLocator will also generate diversified pin placements every day, including for tournaments and special events. The efficiency and speed of ezLocator will:

    1. Provide complete control over the hole location and green management process
    2. Reduce maintenance costs and time spent on maintenance
    3. Improve putting surface quality because of past agronomy decisions
    4. Isolate or quarantine problem areas of the green
    5. Eliminate hole placement errors and guesswork
    6. Enhance communications between staff, golf shop, and club members
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    An Intuitive Solution

    With its’ online interface, ezLocator is easy to set up and integrates into your pro shop operations effortlessly. The intuitive user menu allows for full customization for special events and general play. Automatically generated pin sheets show the shape of the green, hole location, and position of the pin measured from the center and front of the green. Customized, tour quality pin sheets will help golfers improve their scores and enjoy their golf experience. In one powerful package, ezLocator will:

    1. Improve club image among golfers
    2. Streamline communication between Pro Shop and Maintenance Staff
    3. Quickly and easily switch between general and tournament play
    4. Create and manage tournament hole locations
    5. Create, customize, and print pin sheets in a variety of formats
    6. Provide tour quality materials to enhance the player’s experience


  • Testimonial

    Crazy Good!

    Matt Shaffer, Director of Golf Course Operations, Merion Golf Club

    Merion is a walking course. There are no yardage markers and range finders aren't allowed. We do it the old fashioned way. Just go play golf. That means players have to rely on caddies, who had no pin sheets, for their numbers. And without a definitive location to work with, that meant a lot of educated guesstimates. Scott Nye, our head golf professional, was under so much pressure, to figure out a way to get it done. When we looked at ezLocator, it sounded too good to be true, honestly. But when we started using it, it was crazy good. We've even helped Jon Schultz do a few things to improve it, with our input. Ironically, we've found a few pins we really didn't know we had.  Bottom line, it's user-friendly and we trust it. We can control so much more now. Everyone loves it.

  • Testimonial

    New Holes After 100 Years

    John Gosselin, Superintendent, Aronimink Golf Club

    Our greens are over 100 years old.  With ezLocator we are using hole locations we didn't know existed.

  • Testimonial

    ezLocator Makes Hosting Professional Tournaments Easy

    Eddie Roach, Superintendent, Jimmie Austen Golf Club

    ezLocator made hosting the NCAA women’s regional tournament in May 2013 and the United States Women’s Public Links in June 2013 a lot easier.  It allowed me to isolate and protect certain areas of the green in advance where the NCAA and the USGA wanted to place pins."  We even used ezLocator to help choose the pins for Women’s Public Links Championship!

  • Testimonial

    Never Seen Anything Like This

    Kevin Muldoon, Head Golf Professional, Country Club of York

    Using the ezLocator tournament-quality pin sheets made an impressive presentation for our members who had never seen anything like this before.  It’s a way to provide high-end service and separates us from the other clubs in the area.

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